Prodways Group launches its first automated 3D printing modular system for the dental industry

New sale of a large parts metal 3D printer

Prodways announces the launch by Solidscape of its first DLP® 3D printer to the jewelry market

Prodways Group strengthens its medical activities with the acquisition of Surdifuse-L'Embout Français

Several significant successes for Prodways Group industrial 3D printers

Commercial success in series production

New success for Prodways Group in the medical sector

Prodways Group announces a strengthening of its Executive Management

INITIAL and L'Oréal join forces to accelerate the development of thermoplastic parts using 3D printing

Prodways Materials launches its e-commerce site for resins and 3D printing powder materials

Prodways presents its new MOVINGLight® V10 ceramic 3D printer at the Additive Material Exhibition 2018 in China

Prodways Group acquires Solidscape, a subsidiary of Stratasys

Prodways, Schneider Electric and Platinium 3D boosting the development cycle of industrial products. 

Prodways launches the new ProMaker LD-3, compact 3D printer, which will open new segments for professional quality in a compact design 

First multiple sales for the new Prodways ProMaker LD-10 3D printer 

Strong growth and clear results improvement in 2017 


Partnership between Nexteam Group & Prodways Group focusing on new RAF technology for the 3D printing of titanium parts

Prodways Group to feature its full 3D printing digital chain at the Global Industrie Fair in Paris

Prodways Group’s revenue for Q4 and full year 2017

Continued strong upward trend on financial year 2017 (up 38%)

New success in Switzerland for Prodways’ ProMaker L5000 D for medical applications 

First achievements for Prodways Group in its partnership with Dassault Systèmes

Prodways Technologies announces the first sales of the ProMaker LD-10 and a major sale in the aeronautics sector

Prodways Group: completion of AvenAo acquisition; 2018 revenue target of €50 million 

Strong Q3 2017 revenue growth (+33.4%) acceleration of the development of Rapid Additive Forging

Prodways Group announces its successful ProMaker P1000 Early Adopter program and  Initial’s EN 9100 certification

Prodways Group announces its admission to the Enternext® PEA-PME 150 index and completion of the acquisition of


Dental Crafters now offers high-precision model 3D-printing services thanks to Prodways Group’s ProMaker L5000 D

Prodways Group announces the acquisition of Interson-Protac in 3D printing for medical use 

Dreve renews trust in Prodways with the purchase of its 13th MOVINGLight® 3D printer for its USA facilities 

Prodways Group broadens its Industry 4.0 offering with the acquisition of AvenAo Industrie

Prodways Group presents its new Rapid Additive Forging technology for the 3D metal printing of large parts

Prodways Group opens up new horizons for 3D-printed footwear

Prodways presents its next generation of 3D printers at IDS

Platinium 3D is now equipped with a ProMaker L6000

Alban D'Halluin: "2017 will be a strategic year for Prodways!"

Dr Allanic, voted 2016 Engineer of the Year