Prodways Conseil supports industrial and healthcare professionals addressing the challenges of Digital in Operations, from "wake-up call" to implementation, with a particular focus on additive manufacturing. Based on our experience in this field, we have built strong convictions:

  • Operations must be designed to provide a business advantage in response to changing customer expectations
  • The new technologies that are commonly called the 4th Industrial Revolution can create this competitive lag
  • Additive manufacturing creates unprecedented new cost laws or enable reinvention of the service level that are yet to be developed for most industries


Our service offer is based on 4 pillars, which allows us to support you in different stages of implementation of additive manufacturing:


Our unusual positioning, as an independent consulting firm, still subsidiary of an industrial group, the French leader in 3D printing, ideally position ourselves leveraging the combined experience of our teams:

  • Experience of more than 10 years in strategy and operations, in first-tier strategy consulting firms
  • Deep experience in additive manufacturing through Prodways teams, whether on technologies, materials or parts manufacturing
  • Thorough knowledge of automation and robotization within the Gorgé Group

Workshop for Leader

"Tomorrow is less to discover than to invent" dixit Gaston Berger Yet, to invent tomorrow is not an easy thing, we must accept to question some of the intuitions founded with experience. The objective of our workshops is to create the inspiration necessary to nurture the minds of the future of your industry. Mixed between interventions, testimonies and internal reflections, they rely on the techniques of design thinking, to generate a first vision of the major stakes of additive manufacturing in your business, and to identify how to support them. Our workshops are all tailor-made and tailored to your industrial sector and to the level of reflection already initiated on the issues of Digital in the Operation

Value at stake identification

Enthusiastic toward additive manufacture, we are not naïve, however. To help you make the best choices, we generally take the hypotheses that in the equivalent function, a piece produced in additive manufacturing is still more expensive. The identification of the potential for your 3D printing industry is therefore based on:

  • The identification of added value made possible by additive manufacturing (new market segment, market share)
  • Fine understanding of processes throughout the value chain (TCO of the part, simplification of processes …)
  • Creation of competitive advantage

Proof of Concept

Lean startup, Hackathon, MVP, POC have come up in the common language of start-ups, less for major industrial groups. Our conviction is that these methods are complementary. The fundamental idea is to set up autonomous, responsible, cross-functional teams, and in a logic of open collaboration. Our value proposition is based both on the methodology and the setting up of a team capable of co-piloting the Proof of Concept.

Re-design & competence transfer

To anchor and ensure the mastery of 3D printing, we also have the skill to enable you to implement additive manufacturing technologies in a sustainable way. This value proposition includes the sourcing and training aspects