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Prodways Group specializes in industrial and professional 3D printing solutions from machines and software to full service design and printing services.

Who we are?

A French leader but also a global player, Prodways Group has developed its activities across the entire 3D printing and digital manufacturing value chain.

By integrating software, materials, design and development of multi-technology machines, 3D printing services and integrated medical solutions to our know-how, we offer our customers a complete and innovative range of services from the design of their projects to the manufacture of their parts.

Through all our business units, we support customers from all industries. Our solutions are particularly well suited for the healthcare, industrial applications, jewelry and start-ups.

Our expertise lies in our knowledgeable teams who work closely with customers to quickly bring their innovations to market to allow them to compete globally.

Together with our customers, partners and employees, we are building the world of tomorrow.

Prodways Group's mastery of innovative technological solutions and its unrivalled coverage of 3D printing offerings is revolutionizing the sector and positioning it as a key player in Industry 4.0

Our Vision

Prodways Group strives to offer the most complete technological range of Digital Manufacturing solutions, from design conception to production.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customers with our global expertise to accelerate their innovations and give them an industrial advantage for the production of custom parts in series.

Over 25 years of expertise in 3D printing

Our management team

Raphaël Gorgé

Executive Chairman
Prodways Group

Michaël Ohana

Managing Director
Prodways Group

Cécile Cadoux

Chief Marketing Officer
Prodways Group

Laurent Cardin

Chief Financial Officer
Prodways Group

Mathilde Misslin

Director of Human Resources
Prodways Group

Stephane Marechal

Managing Director
Prodways Software

Alban d'Halluin

Managing Director
Prodways Machines

Emanuel Mesaric

Managing Director
Prodways Materials

Sylvestre Perrin

Managing Director
Prodways Digital Manufacturing

Michaël Ohana

Acting as
Managing Director
Prodways Integrated Businesses

Our commitments

Our Business Units Provide Expert solutions to meet your 3D printing needs

Design, engineering & software

Do you want to take your product development process to the next level? We offer solutions with advanced functionalities which, combined with our expertise, allow you to optimize your designs, to continue to progress in your business and in your areas of competence.
> Avenao

Multitechnology 3D printers

Prodways Machines' multi-technology 3D printers open up new avenues of innovation and production. The latest advances in 3D printing technology developed by our R&D teams or via strategic partners, are revolutionizing existing additive manufacturing techniques for a wide range of applications.
> Prodways Printers SLS
> Solidscape
> Prodways RAF
> Prodways Printers DLP® Movinglight®


The core of our expertise is to develop high-end additive manufacturing materials exploiting the full potential of our industrial 3D printers. Thanks to our industrial and R&D partners, we are constantly proposing high-performance 3D printing materials for your further development of our applications. In parallel, we formulate and manufacture specific products for OEMs and white labels.
In parallel, we formulate and manufacture specific products for OEMs and white labels.
> Prodways Materials
> Deltamed

Custom parts & rapid prototyping

Prodways Digital Manufacturing is one of Europe's largest players in the production of plastic and metal parts, with a large installed base of 3D printers for all 3D printing technologies in France and Germany.
We offer a wide range of solutions, from design to production of prototype or mass-produced parts, for the industrial, aerospace, medical, dental, automotive and luxury sectors.
> Initial
> Creabis

Our integrated medical solutions

Prodways Integrated Businesses develops and markets medical applications for the fields of podiatry, dentistry and audiology (earmolds for hearing aids and custom hearing protection) sold directly to healthcare professionals. For all of these medical applications, additive manufacturing replaces costly and time-consuming manual customization processes while offering improved accuracy and quality of prostheses.
> Interson
> Protac
> Cristal
> ScientiFeet

A global company


Paris, Île-de-France

Prodways Printers


Interson Protac

Prodways RAF




Prodways Printers

Lyon, Bordeaux & Nîmes

Interson Protac

Laboratoire Cristal


Auditech Innovations


Prodways RAF




Prodways Materials



United States



Prodways Printers

They form the core of our expertise

In a constantly evolving environment, Prodways Group is developing and enriching itself through each of its high value-added subsidiaries in order to build a solid group focused on the future and technological innovations.

Prodways Printers

Prodways Group retains the start-up spirit and the ambition of its beginnings. We test, research and propose in order to move forward and innovate. This culture of daring is shared by all our employees because, for us, daring is to undertake, share our passion and succeed together.

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INITIAL, a leader in France in Product Development, Additive Manufacturing and Production, is the design and production center for Prodways Group parts. Its headquarters, based in Haute-Savoie, near Annecy, France, brings together all of its R&D and production activities on a 4500 m2 site.

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For over 20 years, DeltaMed has been developing and manufacturing products for a wide range of technical and medical applications. A pioneer in the industry, DeltaMed has been supplying its products to leading manufacturers in the hearing aid industry for over 10 years now.

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Interson Protac

For more than 40 years, Interson Protac has been the French leader in the design and manufacture of earmolds for hearing aids and custom hearing protection.

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Prodways RAF

Prodways Rapid Additive Forging is a French engineering company that develops and markets the Rapid Additive Forging® technology. In developing Rapid Additive Forging technology, Prodways has developed an innovative process focused on metallurgical quality and repeatability in an industrial context.

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Solidscape designs and manufactures high precision 3D printers and materials for producing dimensionally accurate wax patterns for investment casting in platinum, gold, and all different types of precious metals. .

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Cristal Laboratory

Cristal, a French leader in digital dentistry, has been innovating alongside dentists in France for 40 years. Based in Bordeaux, 25 prosthetists specialized in adjuncts, implants and esthetics cover all needs for traditional and digital treatments.

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Avenao by Prodways

AvenAo is an industrial integrator of solutions for innovation and product development. AvenAo By Prodways integrates Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS solutions and their partner products.

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Creabis GmbH

Creabis is one of the leading 3D printing experts in Germany. Creabis offers different 3D printing technologies focused on the mass production of plastic parts.

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ScientiFeet provides its customers with a fully integrated solution for the design of 3D printed orthopedic insoles. Its activity is now at the crossroads of the biomedical sector

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Auditech Innovations

Founded in 2003, Auditech Innovations has never ceased to offer its customers solutions to protect the hearing of employees exposed to high noise levels.

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Creation of Movinlight® technology

André-Luc Allanic made his vision a reality by designing the MOVINGLight technology. The new machines integrating this technology are the most precise and fastest on the market.

May 2013

Creation of Prodways

Groupe Gorgé acquires the company Phidias Technologies. The company is renamed prodways. With this ambition in mind, Prodways has taken a number of strategic steps in the space of a few years, enabling it to provide its industrial customers with a complete range of products that meet the highest quality standards.

April 2014

Acquisition of Deltamed

DeltaMed develops photosensitive products for medical and industrial uses, including dental care and hearing aids.

April 2014

Creation of Prodways Group


The creation of the group with the acquisition of DeltaMed allows us to control and capture the entire value creation of the machine-material pair on applications developed by Prodways Group.

July 2014

Acquisition of a 20% stake in Dentosmile

Dentosmile (which has since become BIOTECH DENTAL SMILERS) will rely on the MOVINGLight® technology developed by Prodways and on new material developments as well as on support for setting up the industrial production process.

March 2015

Acquisition of Initial

Multiplication of the service offer with the acquisition of Initial, the French leader in the manufacture of parts by 3D printing.

March 2015

Acquisition of Norge Systems

Acceleration of the Group's multi-technology strategy with the acquisition of Norge Systems, a British start-up specializing in the design of 3D printers using laser sintering of plastic powders.

April 2015

Visit of Emmanuel Macron

Groupe Gorgé welcomed Emmanuel MACRON, still Minister of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Economy at the time of his visit, to Prodways.

November 2015

Acquisition of Exceltec

Consolidation of the Group's position in powder sintering technology with a complete range of printers and premium materials, confirming the Group's determination to become the new alternative to the leaders in this technology.

January 2016

Acquisition of Scientifeet

Launch of medical activities with the acquisition of ScientiFeet (PODO 3D), a start-up founded by a podiatrist with the ambition of developing a solution for modelling and 3D printing of foot orthoses.

May 2016

Visit of François Hollande, French President

During his visit, the President of the Republic visited Prodways' Research and Development department as well as its 3D printer production workshop, where the group's know-how and latest technological advances were presented to him by the employees.

May 2016

Launch of the first SLS printer

PRODWAYS introduces the first industrial laser sintering printer under 100,000 euros. The new ProMaker P1000 printer offers a wide manufacturing platform to print large parts and enjoy professional productivity.

June 2016

Acquisition of Cristal

Conception, bureaux d'études & logiciels - Prodways Group

Acceleration of the development of 3D printing applications in the dental field with the acquisition of Cristal (SOCA laboratory), one of the largest French dental laboratories.

May 2017

Initial public offering on Euronext Paris

PRODWAYS GROUP completes its IPO on Euronext Paris. This fund raising of 66 million euros allows the Group to continue the ambitious development of its activities.

May 2017

New Rapid Additive Forging Technology

Launch of Rapid Additive Forging (RAF Technology) for metal 3D printing of large parts.

May 2017

Acquisition of Interson Protac

Prothèse Protac by Prodways

Strengthening of the Group's medical business with the acquisition of INTERSON PROTAC, a French leader in earmolds for hearing aids and custom hearing protection.

Novembre 2017

Acquisition of Avenao

Logiciel Avenao -Prodways Group

Consolidation of its position as an integrated player specializing in industrial and professional 3D printing with the acquisition of Avenao, a distributor of Solidworks computer-aided design software from Dassault Systèmes.

July 2018

Acquisition of Solidscape

Strengthening of the Group's international presence through the acquisition of SOLIDSCAPE, a subsidiary of STRATASYS in North America. Strengthening of the multi-technology strategy with 3D printing machines for the jewellery market.

January 2019

Acquisition of the audiologist Surdifuse-French Mouthpiece

Strengthening of the group's medical activities through the acquisition of the audiologist SURDIFUSE-L'EMBOUT FRANÇAIS. Prodways Group becomes the French leader in custom earmolds for hearing aids.

January 2020

Launch of a new business for the integration of new Cloud solutions of the Dassault Systèmes 3DExperience® platform

Launch in Europe of an activity for the integration of new Cloud solutions for the DASSAULT SYSTEMES 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, leading to the acquisition of a minority stake in the capital of XD Innovation, a major DASSAULT SYSTEMES partner for this activity in North America.

May 2020

Mobilization in the fight against COVID-19

PRODWAYS GROUP is mobilized to participate in the effort to fight against Covid-19 and to answer the needs for new material linked to this sanitary crisis.

November 2020

Inauguration of Initial's new headquarters

Inauguration of INITIAL's new headquarters and 3D printing service production site in Annecy, France.

December 2020

Merge of audiology activities

Embout de prothèse 2 - interson protac - prodways group

Merge of all its audiology activities, INTERSON-PROTAC, SURDIFUSE and FRENCH EMBOUT under the name INTERSON-PROTAC by PRODWAYS, in order to offer a service with the best standards to its customers and to optimize its operations.

May 2021

Winner of the state's call for projects " relaunch plan for industry

PRODWAYS GROUP is selected by the State as the winner of the call for projects " Plan de relance pour l'industrie " and thus obtains a subsidy of 3.3 million euros for its Futur3D project which will allow to accelerate the development of the Group's technologies by developing the next generations of products and services.

July 2021

Acquisition of Creabis

PRODWAYS GROUP acquires 100% of CREABIS GmbH, a German specialist in 3D printing of plastics, allowing it to penetrate a new growth market in Europe.

December 2021

Groupe Gorgé distributes its Prodways Group shares

GROUPE GORGÉ, the majority shareholder of PRODWAYS GROUP since its creation, is distributing most of its PRODWAYS GROUP shares to its shareholders in kind. GROUPE GORGÉ, which previously held 56.3% of the company's capital, will retain only 5.95%. This operation greatly improves the stock market profile of PRODWAYS GROUP, whose free float now exceeds 60%. The GORGÉ family nevertheless remains the company's largest shareholder, through its holding company PÉLICAN VENTURE

July 2022

Acquisition of Auditech Innovations

Logo Auditech innovations - Prodways group

PRODWAYS GROUP accelerates the development of its audiology activity with the acquisition of the company Auditech Innovations.