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Prodways Group introduces new productivity-driven additive manufacturing systems

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Paris, 18 November 2019, 7:30 p.m.,


On the occasion of the 2019 edition of Formnext, the leading additive manufacturing trade show in Europe, Prodways will present its new Automatic Platform Loader and the ProMaker P1000X systems designed to amplify the full potential of the MOVINGLight® and SLS® technology.


  • New Automatic Platform Loader: 3D printing enters a new phase of industrialization

The new automation system completes the efficiencies of mass production for custom manufacturing. Prodways has married the productivity of its MOVINGLight® 3D printers with the robotics and automation expertise of its parent company, Groupe Gorgé.

The new Automatic Platform Loader connects to ProMaker LD10 or LD20 series MOVINGLight® printers, providing best-in-class 3D printing accuracy and industrial-grade productivity.

Prodways' Automatic Platform Loader facilitates up to 8 full 300x445mm platforms to be automatically loaded and unloaded at the finish of each job allowing continuous production overnight and weekends without manual intervention.

Designed for dental, serial production and jewelry applications, the system reduces manual work, improves the return on investment, and streamlines production workflow, to bridge the gap between mass customization and industrial production.

One of the applications for this system is the booming market of serial production of dental molds for clear aligners: an LD20 equipped with the Automatic Platform Loader using Prodways materials can manufacture up to 1,200 dental models per day.

Prodways is already receiving interest in its Automatic Platform Loader from various customers with the need for high volume production.


  • New ProMaker P1000 X SLS® printer

The new ProMaker P1000 X SLS® 3D printer for industrial productivity is the evolution of the entry-level industrial bestseller P1000.

In order to move towards industrial productivity in SLS®, Prodways developed the new ProMaker P1000 X SLS® printer, the evolution of the entry-level industrial bestseller P1000.

Double the production speed of the P1000 (up to 2 liters per hour), a 32 liters printing volume and the availability of 7 materials ranging from the rubber-like TPU 70-A to the ultra-performing Stark 3200, the new P1000 X delivers unparallel flexibility and industrial grade productivity to service bureaus and OEMs.

The P1000 X also provides higher detail resolution, a new proprietary thermal control system and an integrated camera for remote access.



About Prodways Group

Prodways Group is a specialist in industrial and professional 3D printing with a unique positioning as an integrated European player. The Group has developed right across the 3D printing value chain (software, machines, materials, parts & services) with a high value added technological industrial solution. Prodways Group offers a wide range of 3D printing systems and premium composite, hybrid and powder materials (SYSTEMS division). The company also manufactures and markets parts on demand, prototypes and small production run 3D printed items in plastic and metal (PRODUCTS division). The Group targets a significant number of sectors, from aeronautics to healthcare.

Listed on Euronext Paris, the Group reported in 2018 revenue of €61 million.

Prodways Group is a Groupe Gorgé company.

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